To Discuss: Application Startup Time

Dear friends,

	Is there any past work related to optimizing the startup time of GNOME

	Why does Emacs, a complex scriptable beast, start faster than GEdit,
the (supposed to be) lightweight text editor?

	What are the main bottlenecks of application startup in GNOME? I see
that when GNOME 2.0 was released, some new technologies such as
client-side fonts raised the startup time significantly when compared to
1.x applications. 

	I would like to bring up a discussion on how we could make GNOME
applications start faster, at hacker level and user level.

	Any toughts?	
Fabio Gomes de Souza <fabio gs2 com br> (+55 81 9132-1845)

|- IT Infrastructure :: Security :: Embedded systems :: Linux
`- Olinda, Brazil - +55 81 3492-7777 - negocios gs2 com br

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