Re: To Discuss: Application Startup Time

Em Qua, 2004-03-03 �10:03, Soeren Sandmann escreveu:
> Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:
> > > 	I would like to bring up a discussion on how we could make GNOME
> > > applications start faster, at hacker level and user level.
> > > 
> > 
> > Not to be a smartass, but the discussion is very short ;-)
> Well, the discussion is short if you limit it to "profile and
> optimize", but it isn't obvious what kinds of profiling and
> optimization are needed.

To isolate the problem, I will first profile the initialization
functions of the GNOME libraries, as pointed out by Sridhar. I will use
the tools mentioned by Havoc and some hackery. This will come first
because it seems to be easier (for me) than profiling dynamic linking. 

Then, depending on the results, we can dive deeply into dynamic linking,
hopefully with help from Soeren, who seems to grok this stuff. :) 

As soon as I get any results, I will post them here. Thank you very much
for the tips.

Fabio Gomes de Souza <fabio gs2 com br> (+55 81 9132-1845)

|- IT Infrastructure :: Security :: Embedded systems :: Linux
`- Olinda, Brazil - +55 81 3492-7777 - negocios gs2 com br

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