Re: To Discuss: Application Startup Time

On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 19:11, Andy Ross wrote:
> Jody Goldberg wrote:
> > I don't see that helping enourmously.  Apps are going to be looking
> > up icons on startup, so we end up doing a fair number of stats on
> > the critical path.
> Yes, but the current bug is due to all apps doing thousands (!) of
> stats on the critical path.  Any reduction is fine, it doesn't need to
> be an algorithmically optimal solution.  There are severe maintenance
> problems with on-disk indexing that need to be weighed as well.

Hmm. It shouldn't be doing thousands of stats. Just a readdir per
directory. It should only stat .icon files, and there normally shouldn't
be many of those (just ones with embedded text, special emblem placement
or display names).

What do you see it actually stating for?

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