Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

If your GNOME 2.4 has a "change colors" control panel it's a different
GNOME 2.4 than mine.

So basically you're saying you'll stay with 2.4 until a feature that 2.4
doesn't even have is "restored." Amusing that a feature you could not
possibly have used (since it isn't there) is worth writing angry email

And we _would_ like to have a control panel to change colors, it's just
that nobody has implemented it. You could be the one to do so.


On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 17:19, William Michael Grim wrote:
> Okay, what is up with gnome 2.6?  Who's arrogance decided I can't change
> settings or even colors in gnome?  Not all your users are stupid, and even
> the "stupid" users might be more than a little upset with this.  I highly
> doubt many of us want to relearn your entire interface because you made
> large UI changes in a _minor_ release.
> Anyway, I'm sticking with gnome 2.4 until these issues are resolved.  If
> they aren't, I'll regretfully switch to something more usable, such as
> wmaker or KDE (and I REALLY hate KDE).  KDE is the whole reason I
> originally switched to gnome; I can't take its constant crash screens when
> closing programs.
> So, anyway, please stop being arrogant and let your users do what they
> want.  Who cares if 5% of them choose the wrong colors?  There will always
> be stupid people in the world.
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