Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

Okay, what is up with gnome 2.6?  Who's arrogance decided I can't change
settings or even colors in gnome?  Not all your users are stupid, and even
the "stupid" users might be more than a little upset with this.  I highly
doubt many of us want to relearn your entire interface because you made
large UI changes in a _minor_ release.

Anyway, I'm sticking with gnome 2.4 until these issues are resolved.  If
they aren't, I'll regretfully switch to something more usable, such as
wmaker or KDE (and I REALLY hate KDE).  KDE is the whole reason I
originally switched to gnome; I can't take its constant crash screens when
closing programs.

So, anyway, please stop being arrogant and let your users do what they
want.  Who cares if 5% of them choose the wrong colors?  There will always
be stupid people in the world.

William Michael Grim
Student, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Unix Network Administrator, SIUE, Computer Science dept.
Phone: (217) 341-6552
Email: wgrim siue edu

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