Re: Spatial nautilus - fantastic - but what about the rest?

I have two other things in my mind which are harmful in the Nautilus (and thing number 1 is even very dangerous)

1) I think that the way how Nautilus handles directory copy is wrong in the situations where target directory already exist. Lets
imagine the following scenario: I have following java projects with sources


If user wants now compine the source codes from these projects into one project he would normally do following
- go to directory prj2
- select src and press ctrl-x
- go to directory prj1
- press ctrl-v

and expect that after that the directory /prj1/src/com would contain files and Unfortunately nautilus will instead destroy the original /prj1/src directory and thus also destroy the What makes things even more dangerous is that Nautilus does not even put the original one into trash can. This feature has bitten me once and after that I have always started to use shell for every copy/move operation.

I think this behaviour should be fixed.

2) Creation of new folder and files.

When user creates new file or file I think that the name should always be directly renameable because it is very random that the user wants the name of the directory be "New Folder" or "New Directory". Now user is always required to first click
the mouse and select "rename" which makes the slowes pretty.


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