Re: Spatial nautilus - fantastic - but what about the rest?

Sorry for my bad description, that was exactly what I meant with my issue 2.
As I think that my suggestion is more like a feature request than a real bug, should I still put it into bugzilla?
(If I can not find another similar bug already.)

Same applies also to the issue 1. In that I am a little confused how the spatial model is expected to work.
Is the current behavior where the pasted directory replaces the original directory and its childs the way how spatial
model is designed to work or is it a real bug when the result directory is not the compination of original directory
and the pasted directory?


> 2) Creation of new folder and files.
> > When user creates new file or file I think that the name should always > be directly renameable because it is very random that > the user wants the name of the directory be "New Folder" or "New > Directory". Now user is always required to first click
> the mouse and select "rename" which makes the slowes pretty.

I have no idea what that last sentence was supposed to mean, but in
regards to getting it changed, see my previous comment.

I think Mika means, when creating new folder, it's a better to let it
rename-able upon creation, since it's very unlikely that user want the
new folder to be named "New Folder".


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