Re: Spatial nautilus - fantastic - but what about the rest?

On 2004-05-16(Sun) 15:17:45 -0400, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > 2) Creation of new folder and files.
> > 
> > When user creates new file or file I think that the name should always 
> > be directly renameable because it is very random that
> > the user wants the name of the directory be "New Folder" or "New 
> > Directory". Now user is always required to first click
> > the mouse and select "rename" which makes the slowes pretty.
> I have no idea what that last sentence was supposed to mean, but in
> regards to getting it changed, see my previous comment.

I think Mika means, when creating new folder, it's a better to let it
rename-able upon creation, since it's very unlikely that user want the
new folder to be named "New Folder".

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