triple-clicking in text field behavior

I am trying to rally support at RealBasic to add to their editfield (text field) widget the selection of an entire paragraph when the user triple-clicks inside it. as is probably the case with gnome api development, at realbasic, it's not enough to just file a feature request; i need to get more realbasic developers to sign onto it as well. higher vote count = closer attention.

i have confirmed that this is the properly-defined triple-clicking behavior (in text widgets) on the following platforms:

mac classic
mac os x (aqua)

i'm trying to find out what the official word is with gnome on this subject. i don't have my gnome box close by, but i believe i remember being able to triple click paragraphs in gui apps in gnome.

anyone know the final word on this... and a link that i can point people to?

thank you.

- philip

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