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Nickolay V. Shmyrev wrote:

Sorry for style of my first answer, it seems that you have quite old
glib, because now (in 2.4.0 )it is impossible to g_signal_lookup on
G_TYPE_OBJECT, since it is not G_TYPE_IS_INSTANTIABLE, that's why I
thought that you are trying to to add emission hook to "notify" signale
of your type GWP_TYPE_SHIP, not G_TYPE_OBJECT.
I'm using glib 2.4.0, and what I wanted to do (I don't know if it's possible) is to use a emission hook callback every time one of my own types's properties changes. I have 500 GWP_TYPE_SHIPs on my application, so I don't want to connect to the "notify" signal in every ship.

What I don't know is if I have a GwpShip object that is a subclass of GObject...the "notify" signal if inherited? I tried both...I defined it on GwpShip and got the same signal_id = 1, I changed its name to something else and got a higher number and the error message disappeared when I connected an emission hook to my code not so bad written :-)

Even if you can get signal_id, it is not clear, that you can add
emission hook to that signal, because signal can have flag
G_SIGNAL_NO_HOOKS. The "notify" signal of g_object is exactly such
signal, that is why you get warning message.
So I cannot override it? Nevertheless the code you copied from glib's sources don't have the G_SIGNAL_NO_HOOKS flag.

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