can not create archives on FC2, and something about file-roller

                                                           I can not create archives on FC2. 

I right-click on a folder in views of nautilus, then the context-sensitive menu is popuped, then 
I choose the "Create Archive" .But nothing happens. The dialog box does not appeard,on which the type and file name of the archive can be inputed.

This bug also occurs in my FC3-test1 system.

This might be concerned with the context-sensitive menu activation in bonobo system, because
this bug will disappear when I delete following lines in the file "component/" of file-roller's souce code

       	<oaf_attribute name="bonobo:supported_mime_types" type="stringv">
		<item value="application/x-tar"/>
		<item value="application/x-compressed-tar"/>
		<item value="application/x-bzip-compressed-tar"/>
		<item value="application/x-lzop-compressed-tar"/>
		<item value="application/zip"/>
		<item value="application/x-arj"/>
		<item value="application/x-zip"/>
		<item value="application/x-lha"/>
		<item value="application/x-rar"/>
		<item value="application/x-rar-compressed"/>
		<item value="application/x-gzip"/>
		<item value="application/x-bzip"/>
		<item value="application/x-compress"/>
		<item value="application/x-lzop"/>
		<item value="application/x-zoo"/>
		<item value="application/x-jar"/>

	<oaf_attribute name="bonobo:supported_mime_types" type="stringv">
		<item value="*/*"/>

these lines control the context-sensitive menu activation of file-roller.
so the bug may be caused by bonobo/bobonoui or file-roller itself.

anyone can help?

Zhiyuan Liu


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