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hi hi,

At first I am new to this list, but I am reading/posting to
gtk-app-devel,gtk-devel,.. already.
We develope an music composer application called buzztard [1] that usees gnome
feature if the are available.

I have some problems with installing the application for development purposes
into my homedir. My username if 'ensonic'. I configure my app with
'--prefix=/home/ensonic/myapp' ($HOME would be okay as well). Now the probelm is
how to make all the gnome services aware of that. Is it possible at all.
I happilly collect all these things and it agreed write a small docbook article
for gnome developer site if I get enough feedback.

1.) installing a .desktop file: How do I notify the gnome panel menu that there
is a new app. When I install to /opt/gnome the menu entry is there after
restarting gnome.

I had been working on this kind of installation issues for months for my project. Installing .desktop files is a mess right now. You can install .desktop files to either /usr/share/applications, or ~/.gnome2/vfolders/applications. The item may or may not show up immediately; I'm not sure what's the cause of this bug (it's not whether FAM is running). However, this does not work correctly on GNOME 2.6+! There is no way to install .desktop files to the home folder with GNOME 2.6+. At least, not without a hack which involves editing a custom ~/.gnome2/vfolders/ (or something) file. It is not possible to install to ~/.local/share/applications. GNOME upstream does not support the menu spec. RedHat GNOME partially does, but their patches are not merged upstream.

3.) gconf-schema files. gconftool seems to insist installing to /opt/gnome/...

For local GConf schema installatin, use this:
gconftool-2 --makefile-install-rule "filename.schemas"

Yes, settting GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE is intential. The idea is to change it from NULL to an empty string ("").

However, due to bugs in GConf or gconf-editor (not sure which one is at fault), the new keys may or may not show up immediately in gconf-editor. In the latter case, you'll have to restart GNOME before

Or you can kill the gconfd and restart it. Now the keys will be reflected in the gconf-editor. No need to restart GNOME.


they show up. Your app can still use the keys though; they just don't show up correctly in gconf-editor.
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