Updates to authors examples?


I'm a newbie, but I've also spent a lot of time researching the
documentation on GNOME/GTK+ (and its C++ variants). I'm especially 
interested in the GNOME Canvas, which (unfortunately) is not treated 
in Matthias Warkus' book. 

Peter Wright's text http://www.linux.ie/articles/reviews/gnome.php 
is pretty good but outdated. For example, I've been going through
Chapter 15 and am having difficulty transcribing certain commands, 
like these in canvas6.c:
     gtk_widget_push_visual ( gdk_imlib_get_visual () );
     gtk_widget_push_colormap ( gdk_imlib_get_colormap () );

The compiler gags on the functions gdk_imlib_* .
I'm guessing that gdk_imlib_get_colormap has been replaced with 
gdk_image_get_colormap, but as to the other I can't say.
The GDK Reference Manual is of little help; it seems to me the only way 
to learn how to use these libraries is by example.

Thus my question:
Has anybody upgraded the examples in Wright's book, or those of Havoc 
Pennington and John Sheets http://developer.gnome.org/doc/books/ ?
Wright's code is under GFDL, though I'm not sure of the others.

If not, I'll gladly get the ball rolling so long as members of the 
appropriate list are willing to suffer my many questions. Newbies like
me would be thrilled to have a good collection of sample code (along with
Makefiles!) which are quickly and easily downloaded.

By the way, I learned of GNOME this past March when I found myself in need
of a GUI for some scientific applications. I had been using Matlab, which 
was easy enough to learn, but when time came to delve into GUIDE (their 
GLADE) it occured to me that it was now time to look into Open Source. 
Totally unbiased, I gravitated toward GNOME as I happily googled away. 

Michael Eckhoff

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