Two ideas that could make people love GNOME even more

Hello Group,

I'd like to share with you a prof of concept how to make GNOME even better.
I emailed that to Davyd Madeley according to his "What's new in GNOME 2.8"
paper ( and he advised me to send
it to this group.

There are two improvements on my mind:
- right-click browsable directories, and
- quake-like terminal-on-Nautilus.
Let me explain what this mean to me.

1. Right-click browsable directories.
   In the past days I've been using BeOS as my primary OS. BeOS's
   file manager (Tracker) was very similar to what Nautilus has
   become recently. Check out this screenshot:
   As you can see right-clicking on folder gives you the name of that
   folder on first position in context menu. Diving into it shows
   another-level context menu with subdirectories and files and so on.
   It is *very* comfortable method of browsing filesystem and it's also
   quick. Davyd mentioned that GNOME developers don't like tree structures
   too much, but there is no tree in fact. Well, it eventually is displayed
   as a tree but branches and leaves are being loaded on demand rather than
   being preloaded.
   I think that would be excellent addition to spatial Nautilus
   (which I personally love).

2. Quake-like Terminal-on-Nautilus. Imagine you have just opened your
   /etc folder. Then you press ~ (or any other hot key) to embed
   terminal inside Nautilus window. Then you're only few keystrokes away
   from "grep portmap services".
   Having quick access to terminal window on current Nautilus window
   would be a great improvement for advanced users. Don't ya think?
   An illustration (lame retouch) here:
   Something similar exists for KDE (Kuake), but it covers whole desktop
   and not just certain window. Konqueror itself has similar
   which I find very useful.

I am extremely curious what do you, GNOME developers think about these ideas.
Unfortunately I am rather php rather than C++ or C# programmer, so my
contribution to any code would be really marginal. Let me know whether
you like these or not.

Thanks for doing really great work on GNOME.


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