Re: Two ideas that could make people love GNOME even more

On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 11:46, Michał Słaby wrote:
> Hello Group,
> I'd like to share with you a prof of concept how to make GNOME even better.

I've got another one.
3. Make Copy/Paste work. (though this one takes a whole lot of effort ;)

> I emailed that to Davyd Madeley according to his "What's new in GNOME 2.8"
> paper ( and he advised me to send
> it to this group.
> There are two improvements on my mind:
> - right-click browsable directories, and
> - quake-like terminal-on-Nautilus.
> Let me explain what this mean to me.
> 1. Right-click browsable directories.
>    In the past days I've been using BeOS as my primary OS. BeOS's
>    file manager (Tracker) was very similar to what Nautilus has
>    become recently. Check out this screenshot:
>    As you can see right-clicking on folder gives you the name of that
>    folder on first position in context menu. Diving into it shows
>    another-level context menu with subdirectories and files and so on.
>    It is *very* comfortable method of browsing filesystem and it's also
>    quick. Davyd mentioned that GNOME developers don't like tree structures
>    too much, but there is no tree in fact. Well, it eventually is displayed
>    as a tree but branches and leaves are being loaded on demand rather than
>    being preloaded.
>    I think that would be excellent addition to spatial Nautilus
>    (which I personally love).
> 2. Quake-like Terminal-on-Nautilus. Imagine you have just opened your
>    /etc folder. Then you press ~ (or any other hot key) to embed
>    terminal inside Nautilus window. Then you're only few keystrokes away
>    from "grep portmap services".
>    Having quick access to terminal window on current Nautilus window
>    would be a great improvement for advanced users. Don't ya think?
>    An illustration (lame retouch) here:
>    Something similar exists for KDE (Kuake), but it covers whole desktop
>    and not just certain window. Konqueror itself has similar
>    functionality
>    which I find very useful.

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