Re: Missing prebuilt documentation

On 07/09/04 22:43, Julio M. Merino Vidal wrote:

On Tue, 07 Sep 2004 09:03:32 +0800, James Henstridge <james jamesh id au> wrote:
This sounds like a bug.  I set up the current reference docs build in
libgnome and libgnomeui, and it successfully included the reference docs
then.  I'd suggest reporting it in bugzilla.

Indeed, it is probably a bug somewhere.  But which module to fill the report in?
Probably against the problem packages (libgnome and libgnomeui).

I didn't file the report before because the code seems correct to me and I
haven't been able to reproduce it... so I thought it could be some kind of
configuration problem in the developer's box...  Who built the latest tarballs
(2.7.92) of libgnome and libgnomeui?  Maybe he could try again to build them
and see what happens?
I'd guess that Anders did, since he is the maintainer.


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