raw keyboard events (via callback)


i am (as i mentioned in a previous post) porting a mac application to linux (well, from windows to mac to linux). it's being built in realbasic (on the mac), which is a sort vb-like language. the reason i'm moving to realbasic is solely because, your app can, in a single click, be cross-compiled for several operating systems, including linux.

here's the catch: if there are any library calls that need to be made, it basically has to be done per-os at the pre-processor stage:

#IF TargetMacOS
	//mac-specific library calls here
#ELSEIF TargetWin32
	//windows-specific library calls here
#ELSEIF TargetLinux
	//linux-specific library calls here

in realbasic, you can only get keydown events on keys that result in a printed character. you cannot get event notification of changes in the state (up/down) of the modifier keys on any of the supported target systems without a couple library calls and a custom callback. i've just completed a 3-day adventure, getting this to work on the mac. now it's time to do the same on linux. then i'll have to do it all again on windblows.

i've done a little googling on this subject today, but found nothing concrete, so i figure i'll cut to the chase and just ask you guys/gals.

and PLEASE don't worry about the fact that this is in another programming language. that is truly NOT a problem. i have years and years of C/C++ experience (and many others) and i've programmed on linux before, and whatever code you provide or refer me to can certainly be made to work in realbasic. pascal.... fine. whatever. just knowing the name of the lirary call and the library it's in is probably enough to get me by. whatever library contains the hooks i'll call directly from realbasic. it's not too hard, especially now that i've been at it for a few days.


so, just pretend this is a C/C++ question:

what library call(s) do i need to make to get RAW key deltas for ALL keys (or at least just the modifier keys -- shift, ctrl, win?, alt) via events sent to a callback?

please keep in mind that the whole point of this is to avoid having to continually poll the state of the modifier keys, which is already something i can do in realbasic.

no polling.

just events triggered by keydowns/keyups for the modifier keys (or the whole keyboard, INCLUDING the modifier keys).


- philip

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