Re: fullscreen vs alt+click/alt+drag

On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 19:18 -0500, P. George wrote:
> i'm porting a fullscreen, kiosk-like app from the mac to linux/x86.
> everything's hunky-dory so far, except that there is a critical feature 
> of the app which isn't working as it should:
> i need the user to be able to alt+leftclick my app's interface (ie: the 
> main, fullscreen window) to gain access to certain features, but when i 
> do this on linux (in _almost_ every window manager), of course the 
> window (even though it's fullscreen), is able to be moved around.  i 
> realize this is standard fare for linux gui apps, but not for kiosk 
> apps or games.
> i tried looking through some source for a couple games, but i'm not 
> seeing anything unusual that might take care of this problem, even 
> though the games themselves definitely do not allow alt+dragging of the 
> game window.
> so, what's the trick?

The app can't do anything to prevent this, the only thing you can do is
disable the feature in the window manager.


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