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Dnia 16-09-2004, czw o godzinie 13:07 +0100, gamehack napisał:
> Hello people,
> I have some questions to ask you. I have been looking at GNOME and for
> may be one year and a half and finally decided that this would be the
> Platform I will develop my programs for. But until now I have been
> mainly programming in web languages(PHP etc...) and working as a web
> designer. Recently I got very familiar with C++ and liked it very
> much. To be honest I've read this book
> and it gives a good grounding of C++. I'm thinking of using gtkmm as
> the binding. My main problem is that I do not have ANY real experience
> with programming software for desktop use and such. I've been thinking
> of the idea someone to help me get involved, for example, to tell
> me:"Look at this code, try to add this, and see if there's a problem
> with this..." and so on. So what I'm really looking for is some help
> getting involved. Thanks in advance

Project gnome-love was created just for that purpose - to provide easy
entry points. See wiki page
(, but, as it hasn't
been updated for quite a long time, to see what projects are actually
ongoing try #gnome-hackers channel on server, and join
mailing list (via


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