Re: My Critics about nautilus

On 25/09/04 15:40, gamehack wrote:


Hello all,

Because I use extensively Nautilus I've become annoyed of the awful
visual look. So, I attach 3 files illustrating this. Please, take a
look at these critics, because I'm sure they annoy many other people.
Nautilus is on of the main compents of GNOME so I think it should near
perfection. Mockup1_lin.gif illustrates my views and the things which
I want to say. Windows copes with the situatition perfectly. Konqueror
copes even better than Windows Explorer, everything aligned correctly.
I think that some fixes should be made. If I'm not right with
something I've said, please let me know.
If the icons aren't aligned, then you have probably got the "use compact layout" option turned on. With that option off, all the icons should be aligned to the grid. The option can be found on the first page of the Nautilus preferences dialog and defaults to off, IIRC.


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