Re: My Critics about nautilus

James Henstridge <james jamesh id au> writes:

> If the icons aren't aligned, then you have probably got the "use
> compact layout" option turned on. With that option off, all the
> icons should be aligned to the grid. The option can be found on the
> first page of the Nautilus preferences dialog and defaults to off,

Not being the original poster, anyway, I don't think the situation
without the compact layout is much better, yep, stuff gets aligned to
a grid correctly, however the grid is FAR to wide, making it very
difficult to see when there are more then very few files in the

In general I feel that nautilus is really lacking any kind of view
that is useable for folders with large number of files, be it a
grided-compact layout or a smallicon view such as:

If I currently try to configure nautilus to give text beside icons and
such and zoom out a bit I only end up with such unusable results:

Anyway, this is nothing new, those problems have been there since day
one of nautilus.

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