Re: Bonobo in Gnome window


> > I have used glade to edit a window gnome. In glade file I have found "tags" for bonobo docks (replace handbox for toolbar and menu). What is the utility of bonobo in this situation? I have read bonobo docs but I have not found a good answer...

> Sorry, I can't understand your problem. What do you want to replace with
> handbox? Do you want to place some bonobo control in toolbar?
> Glade library has support for embedding bonobo controls (you can think
> about them as an external widgets). For then, when you modifying glade
> file, you can note, which control you want to activate. You should pass
> moniker name there, for example, "file://my_file.pdf" or
> "OAFIID:GNOME_PDF_Control". Then the corresponding widget will be
> embedded in the place you note. Or you can leave a placeholder and then
> embed bonobo widget yourself, like (it's not the exact python functions)
> container = glade.get_widget_by_name ("container_for_bonobo")
> widget = bonobo.get_widget ("file://dfs.pdf", 0)
> container.add (widget)

Sorry for my english:)

thanks, your reply is clear

Another question:
Is it possible "transform" gtk_tree_view_columns in my app, in a bonobo-widget to be included for example in open-office text editor, like a kind of a 'spreadsheets' for gnumeric?

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