Hacking Metacity

Hi everyone,

I'd like to implement a feature on metacity that's present on xfwm: it's
possible to use the scroll button on the mouse to (un)shade a window.

In the frames.c file, I made a printf statement on the
meta_frames_button_press_event method because I first thought everything
went through here. I was a bit shocked to learn that, apparently, no
events are processed by this method. At least, not anything related with
mouse click events on the titlebar :-)

Then I took a look on display.c, in the method event_callback as it
seems to be filtering out the middle scrolls. I commented the lines that
return false if xbutton.button is 4 or 5. 

Again, this doesn't seem to have any effect whatsoever.

I also looked at the "bitmask" used for X11 to fire events and it seems
OK for my purposes.

What I'm wondering is if anyone is able to lend me a hand on finding out
where I must process the mouse scroll events as I'm really out of ideas.


Celso Pinto <cpinto yimports com>

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