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Basically, I want to hide the Panel when my application is running. I don't need decorations for my top level application window. I managed to put my application window on top of the panel, but when some dialog pops up from my application the panel again comes in front. What could be the reason for this?
I tried to find the key toplevel_id_list in /apps/panel/general. But couldn't find such a key. I am using Redhat Linux 9 with Gnome 2.2.Where could I find it and what is the value to be set.

I will also try gdk_window_set_keep_above.

Thanks in Advance,
Manikandan T

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В Птн, 01/04/2005 в 12:39 +0530, Manikandan Thangavelu пишет:

> How could I get the gnome-panel window object? I want to use the
> transient-for hint for my Application window
> with respect to the panel window. Basically I want my application
> window to stay on top of the gnome-panel.
> Is any way available for this?

Probably you need something different, can you describe why do you need
such window behaviour Do you want to have decorations of such window?
Anyhow, transient setting should not help you much. First of all, there
can be two or even more panels. Transient setting won't help much in
this case.

You can read about stacking order standard

Probably, you just need to use gdk_window_set_keep_above (). If you
don't need decorations, then you can create menu window, it will be
placed above panel. 

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