Re: Followup: opinions on Search services

John (J5) Palmieri wrote:
On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 16:27, Jamie McCracken wrote:

Joe Shaw wrote:


On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 21:58 -0500, Manuel Amador wrote:

I was wondering, did any of you guys had a shot at trying Search
services?  Did you find it useful?  Do you have any ideas for
improvement in this area?

I haven't played with it yet, but I did peruse the code a little.  My
question is, why a new project when something like Beagle is aimed at
almost the exact same problem?

The problem is that neither of them are really optimal solutions nor are they likely to achieve broad acceptance for one reason or another.

However for technical reasons :

1) Indexing is both CPU and resource intensive ergo Python and C# are not really a good choice for this - it would be a lot better to do it in C.

This is a misnomer.  C code can be every bit as inefficient and where
Python and C# are inefficient one can always go down and write modules
in a lower level language.  Point is don't optimize until you need to.

Actually mixing unmanaged with managed code is a real performance killer for mono. ANyway, the point was more to do with memory usage and in particular how garbage collected languages are currently quite poor for implementing this - see the beagle webpage about memory usage and its problems in this instance.

2) Use of an SQL database is a far superior, faster and flexible solution to using a dedicated indexer like the lucerne engine (all other competing engines like spotlight use sql databases). This is one area search services has got right.

Don't know much about lucerne but a dedicated solution can often be
faster than a general solution such as a database.  Again I think this
is another misnomer without hard data to back it up.

Yes Dedicated is better but we are dealing with metadata + indexed data which favours a relational DB solution for the extra flexibility. There are pros and cons for this of course but the dedicated solution is not as expandable. EG say i want my indexer to auto thumbail all images and video files as they are created so Nautilus is not slowed down by thumbnailing - thats pretty easy to do with a DB but for a text based lucerne engine I have no idea how they could do that efficiently.

3) It really needs to be a freedesktop solution written in C cause it looks likely that KDE will produce their own solution so adding to a lot of needless wheel reinvention.

Freedesktop is not a dumping ground for every little bit of technology
that seems interesting.  Without divergence there is no diversity or
competition.  Your instance on C is an example of stagnation that could
cause projects to never get off the ground.  Things that need to be on eventually get there.  I fear that people are using it
as a holy grail that somehow legitimizes projects and magically makes
them acceptable to all parties.

My understanding is that freedesktop is designed to improve interoperability and prevent needless reinvention of the wheel across desktops. I dont see how having multiple solutions to this problem is of benefit to anyone. If competition is required we already have it in OS/X spotlight and longhorn.



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