Compile error in gst-plugins

Greetings from Sydney, my first post here. I'm a C newbie learning as I go, using the 1999 university course by Dave Marshall as my reference.

When I compile the cvs head version of gst-plugins I get :-

audioclock.c:33: error: syntax error before "gst_audio_clock_id_wait_async"
audioclock.c:34: warning: type defaults to `int' in declaration of `gst_audio_clock_id_wait_async'
audioclock.c:34: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
audioclock.c: In function `gst_audio_clock_class_init':
audioclock.c:82: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
audioclock.c: At top level:
audioclock.c:188: error: syntax error before "gst_audio_clock_id_wait_async"

lines 33-34 read :-
static GstClockEntryStatus gst_audio_clock_id_wait_async (GstClock * clock,
    GstClockEntry * entry);

As far as I understand, in line 33 it is trying to prototype gst_audio_clock_id_wait_async, specifying that GstClockEntryStatus will be the field returned from a call. Have I understood correctly ?

Lines 187-197 read :-
static GstClockEntryStatus
gst_audio_clock_id_wait_async (GstClock * clock, GstClockEntry * entry)
  GstAudioClock *aclock = (GstAudioClock *) clock;

  aclock->async_entries = g_slist_insert_sorted (aclock->async_entries,
      entry, (GCompareFunc) compare_clock_entries);

  /* is this the proper return val? */

I'd be really greatful if somebody could explain to this newbie what is going on & what is wrong here. Or at least a ponter of how one proceeds in such a case.
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