gnome_print_config_set GNOME_PRINT_KEY_ORIENTATION


this is my first post on this list. I am writing a gtk application that is
using gtkhtml3 and prints a html page.

I try to print a html page using gtkhtml3's function gtk_html_print.
I want it to be printed in landscape orientation (rotated by 90 degrees)
so the page looks like that
|  text here   |
|              |
|              |

I use this code but that does not work, the page is printed in portrait
orientation, just the text is moved down to the half of a paper.

    GnomePrintContext *pc;
    GnomePrintConfig *cfg;

    cfg = gnome_print_config_default ();
    if (!gnome_print_config_set (cfg, GNOME_PRINT_KEY_ORIENTATION,
      log ("could not set config");
    gnome_print_config_set (cfg, "Printer", "PDF");
    gnome_print_config_set (cfg, GNOME_PRINT_KEY_OUTPUT_FILENAME,
    pc = gnome_print_context_new (cfg);
    gtk_html_print ((GtkHTML*) view, pc);

I use libgnomeprint 2.10.3

Anyone has a clue why this code does not work as expected?


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