Re: Followup: opinions on Search services

El mié, 06-04-2005 a las 21:27 +0100, Jamie McCracken escribió:

> The problem is that neither of them are really optimal solutions nor are 
> they likely to achieve broad acceptance for one reason or another.
> However for technical reasons :
> 1) Indexing is both CPU and resource intensive ergo Python and C# are 
> not really a good choice for this - it would be a lot better to do it in C.

I'm not really comfortable with asserting this.  Python has turned out
to be really, really fast, and the CPU intensive part is in the
extraction, which under SS's architecture is pretty easy to transfer the
burden to C or C++ code.

> 2) Use of an SQL database is a far superior, faster and flexible 
> solution to using a dedicated indexer like the lucerne engine (all other 
> competing engines like spotlight use sql databases). This is one area 
> search services has got right.

This is something that I find to be very true, and very (sadly) hard to
deal with, because at least MySQL seems to not help in the query part.
I've busted my brains in and out to find the best performing queries for
both small and large result sets.  The current queries are fast, but not
as fast as they could be with e.g. MySQL 4 and more carefully tuned
queries (the current queries are tuned for correctness, and any new
queries need to pass this minimum bar!).

> 3) It really needs to be a freedesktop solution written in C cause it 
> looks likely that KDE will produce their own solution so adding to a lot 
> of needless wheel reinvention.

The KDE solution has a different focus.  I've been talking to the klink
people regularly, and they have placed their faith in the value of
relationships instead of the value of data.  I hope that turns out great
as well =).

> jamie.
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> > Joe
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