Re: Followup: opinions on Search services

El mar, 26-04-2005 a las 19:20 -0400, Behdad Esfahbod escribió:

> So you are bound to MySQL.

I can ditch MySQL if I find something better.  It's only a module.  And
the already-written code is there to be reused in any other OSS project

> > >   SQL databases are good things if you want
> > > atomicity, transactions, scalability, support for (really)
> > > complicated queries: joins, subqueries, etc.
> >
> > Which we use heavily.
> Errmm,  you said you do not need that much more?  BTW, using
> these features is your implementation details.  Desktop search
> service does not need these features.  Who cares whether your
> search is done atomic?

The commits need to be done atomically.  What we use is complicated

> > We have only one server for all users.  We thus dramatically reduce the
> > load on multiuser systems.
> That design philosophy is dead.  Your system needs root access to
> the machine and forces user to run MySQL.  You need to do all
> nasty permission handling.  Having one server per user does not
> necessarily mean more load.  Processes are cheap in Unix.

Our server can run as any user you choose to.  Running the database as
another user, even if you choose to run the server as root, is in the
pipeline.  But the simple fact remains that to index every file, you
need to be at least absorbing data files as root.

Processes may be cheap.  What processes do in their bowels is not,
especially if we're talking about indexing.

> Yes, and I highly recommend that.  Lucene does not have Python
> bindings, but you can either use jython and live with the JVM, or
> use Lupy which is a port of Lucene 1.2 to Python with continued
> development.

Ohhhh, lupy sounds great!  Thanks, behdad!

> --behdad
Manuel Amador <rudd-o amautacorp com>

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