Re: python: gnome.help_display()

Nickolay V. Shmyrev wrote:

В Чтв, 15/12/2005 в 12:24 +0000, Gaute Hope пишет:

I've been searching around a bit, and I can see that something similar has been discussed before. Anyway this is a little different.

Im working on gnome-schedule, a GUI to edit a users crontab and at jobs. And we are almost ready for 1.0 release. This is one of the last bugs remaining; .

The problem is that yelp doesn't find the documentation when it is installed in a prefix other than /usr or /usr/local.

The application has been initialized with:
   props = { gnome.PARAM_APP_DATADIR : config.getPrefix() + "share/" }
pr = gnome.program_init ("gnome-schedule", config.getVersion(), properties=props)

And i try to load the help with the following code:
    #open help
     def on_manual_menu_activate (self, *args):

Does anyone has any suggestions?

Some other references:

- gaute

Strange, but I can't reproduce this bug with gnome-python 2.10 and gnome
2.10. It may be newer libraries problem or something like this.

Of course, it's always better just to debug your program. Run

strace -f gnome-schedule >& strace.log

Then you can find what directories are searched for the help file and
what is actually missing.

Hum, thanks for the tip. I don't manage to read any useful out of that. Did you try the cvs version of gnome-schedule?

I'll check out the latest cvs of libgnome.

- gaute

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