Re: Sound events

В Чтв, 15/12/2005 в 07:44 +0000, jan пишет:
> How does the association between sounds and event work in Gnome? What I 
> mean is: how do you hook on to the events, and which program or module 
> does it?

Sorry for late answer. Well, all this scheme is a bit complicated and
requires work.

First of all, there is sound daemon - esd which caches actual wave files
and plays them. Programs can queue sounds in this daemon with api from
libgnome (see gnome_sound ... )

There is also trigger in libgnome api. It notifies system about event.
Usually trigger is associated with sound event. See gnome_trigger_
functions. I wonder if libnotify is added to current desktop, why do
triggers still exsist?

The management of sound events assotiated with triggers is done in
control-center. There is libsound included in control-center sources and
gnome-sound-properties capplet which uses it. The actual setting is done
through deprecated gnome_config framework. Application should install
file appname.soundlist with descriptions of sound files and translation
of their names into $(sysconfdir)/sounds directory. You can look for
example in gnome-games or metacity.

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