Re: VFS: Asynchronous file transfers

Matthias Kaeppler wrote:

Nickolay V. Shmyrev wrote:

Hi. You can use

gnome_vfs_async_xfer ()

Ah sorry, my bad. I was actually referring to the C++ wrappers of these functions, located in Gnome::Vfs. I totally forgot to mention that.

I'm not sure who is maintaining these classes, but I noticed that although Gnome::Vfs::Transfer seems to resemble pretty much all of the functionality from the C API, the Gnome::Vfs::Async namespace doesn't. It has a transfer method, which runs asynchronously, but e.g. an asynchronous remove function is missing completely.

That would however mean that I'd either not be able to cancel a remove-in-progress, or mix my code with functions from the C API, which I want to avoid.

Any idea who is in charge of the Gnome::Vfs::Async wrappers?

Sorry again for the confusion.

I think you should check out the mailing list of GTKmm.

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