Re: Desktop Mounting of Camera

On 7/16/05, Christian Gentle <ikanashadows gmail com> wrote:
> I was wondering recently if the mounting of a digital camera on the
> Desktop was possible; if so, would it be implementable into GNOME as a
> Mountable Media option.

With the co-operation of HAL and gnome-volume-manager, this is indeed
possible. It will mount the camera (if it shows up as a normal usb
storage device), detect that it contains photos and ask if you want to
import the photos (at which point it will launch some importing
program specified in the configuration of gnome-volume-manager).

The camera doesn't have to show up as usb storage device, my Canon for
example doesn't (shame on them) and it still is detected and I get the
dialog by just plugging it in.

If your camera does pretend to be an usb storage device, a nice tool
to have on your panel is the drive mount applet.

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi

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