Hello list,

I have some questions about the use of gconf in my application.

Originally, I had worked with gconf in the way shown below:

if(gconf_dir_exists("/apps/myapp") == false)
  // set all my default keys here

However, there were some bugs people were reporting to me that made me think
I ought to do things properly, so I started looking into installing a gconf

As I understand it, installing a gconf schema from my project via autotools
should give ALL users on a system sensible default values and handy
descriptions of the keys I create?

I managed to get the schema files to install (there was a lot of blurb about
installing schemas/keys on the CLI on make install) - then I had gconftool-2
--shutdown called. As far as I can tell, this should then mean that
gconftool-2 --get "/apps/myapp/mykey" should be returning default values?

It doesn't seem to work. The whole experience has proven to be rather
painful. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong? can anyone tell me if there
are plans to update/elaborate upon the docs for this?

Thanks for any information.



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