Re: Followup: opinions on Search services

Celso Pinto napisał(a):

> Hi there,
>> It is debatable. If your reality is modern machines with tons of ram
>> then yes but for others less fortunate...
> what would you call a modern machine with tons of ram? Here in Portugal
> the current standard (new machines you buy in computer shops) is at least
> a 2Ghz Celeron /512Mb RAM desktop machine and cost around 450Eur.

In Poland, standard is similar.

But MANY, really MANY users have older machines. In MANY small businnesses where I installed linux for office/desktop operations (because cash for me is smaller than licences for M$ products + new machine cost) standard was (!) 500-800mhz with 128-256mb of ram (which cost about 50 eur - do you feel difference between 450 and 50 eur?) - because you really don't need more to office work. Tuned gnome 2.8 works good on that machines, but it would be nice to have search service which works good on that machines, too.

Marcin Lewandowski
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