Re: Why GNOME uses C?

On Tue, 2005-31-05 at 15:07 -0300, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Di�es
> The GNOME Desktop is object oriented? Why it don't use a programming 
> language that support this paradigm???
> I talked with a GNOME programmer and one of the reasons that he gives 
> for me is that the objects don't have and specification yet and 
> different compilers generate the code in differentes, but this is not a 
> problem if we use only gcc... there is a major problem in using only gcc...
> There is a place where I can find more information about this 
> question... I look in the discussion list, google, gnome site, but don't 
> find anything to answer this question... and if anyone knows other 
> reasons why C is used, tell me please...
> Thanks,
> Carlos.

Firstly GNOME *does* support OO via the GObject system.

The reasons gnome uses C are largely historical, but when you have
hundreds of thousands of lines of C code, you don't throw them out over
night just because its not ideologically pure enough. There are moves to
use a more modern language (the reasons for which have *nothing* to do
with object orientation), but they are hindered by several unknowns and
internal divisions.

If you don't like C, the current recommendation is to use Python, which
supports OO natively.


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