Re: Why GNOME uses C?


I also was very interested in this problem. So now, if I understand
correctly from the previous posts there are two main reasons:
1. Historical reasons.
2. More portable ABI.

But what was very strangely for me that there were advices to program for
gnome in Python or C#. IIRC these languages do not need their
programs to be compiled (sorry I fogot the right term) to run them. So
this are the different languages, and if we want fast program (desktop)
it's better to avoid such languages. Did I miss anything? So why there
were such advices?

Should I stop exploration of gtk+ and programming with glade on C and to
switch on something else?

I'm aware about gtkmm, but why nobody advices to use them? How gtkmm is
related with core gtk+ development? Or gtkmm is completely different


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