gnome-terminal and cycling through tabs


I am just a lambda gnome user, so please feel free to point me to the
right mailing list if my post is not adequate.

I use gnome-terminal all day long, and i'm getting a bit tired of not
being able to cycle through tabs (i.e go to the first tab when
pressing page-down when the last tab is active, and go to the last tab
when pressing page-up when the first tab is active).

So i just made a very tiny patch that add this capability. 

What i would like to know is :
- is there a way to add this capability without modifying the source
code, or is this capability already present and have i missed
something ?
- if not, is this functionnality usefull ?
- if so, where should i send my patch ?

Thank you for your attention, and keep up the good work !

Julien Gilli

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