Re: Gnome Color Management

Spam wrote:
From what I can tell, X contain support for color management and device (display) color profiles just as Windows and MacOS does. The support is called Xcms (X Color Management System). There is some documentation here Xcms, Xcolor...

Although Xcms seem to have existed for years, there seem to be no applications that support creating, converting, or profiling of ICC profiles under Linux.

I think that Gnome ought to provide tools to use ICC profiles and to support simple profiling (like Adobe Gamma - see attachment). This would reduce one of the barriers professional users have against switching to Linux and Gnome.

KDE support gamma adjustments, but that is in my oppinion not enough. the KDE tool doesn't have any references to what you adjust your gamma to. It only acts like a brightness control.

I feel that there are many issues around Color that many people do not understand. So please before this proposal is dismissed, lets discuss it further. Color is advanced and not at all what most people believe.

Have you see Gnome Color Calibrator? Its homepage is at <>.

It is quite easy to use, although it doesn't do any ICC stuff and after calibrating my monitor the colours on the screen looked, well, really bad. :)

Sam Morris

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