Re: [Usability] Allow donations for precise bugs

Jon Manning wrote:
So basically it's a twist on the street performer protocol, where the
initial concept comes from a user, rather than the producer.

Hi Joe. I don't agree completely. IMHO there are two main differences:

1. With the street performer, usually you pay *after* listening a song that you like. You pay out of your *generosity*. If you didn't, nothing would change for you. You have already got your service. OTOH, in my proposal, you pay *before* the service. And for purposes that are completely *selfish*.

This may sound cynical, but I believe a serious model cannot rely on people's generosity (this is utopistic).

2. But let us assume you pay the street performer in advance. In this case too, there is a difference. With the street performer, after you pay, if he decides not to play, you don't get the money back. And the street performer has no interest in playing well (unless others are watching). OTOH in my proposal, if the threshold is not reached, you get the money back. And if the coder does not finish in the given time, he gets a bad reputation in the best case (he gets sued in the worst case).


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