Re: Allow donations for precise bugs

Hello Nadine.

First of all, I apologize for how poorly I explained myself.

What happens if the developer doesn't implement the feature (got busy, couldn't do it, simply disapeared, whatever)?

In my idea, if he does not work and deliver:

* at the end of the time limit, he gets bad votes from his donators; he
  will loose reputation points, which will make it difficult to find
  donations next time;

* he does not get all the money, since money is not transferred all in
  advance to his bank account, but delayed.

For a more detailed explanation of what I am proposing, please have a look

The site could also offer an option to have the developer sign a legal contract, which would give even more guarantees to donators. I am investigating this possibility. OTOH, it might be that the reputation system is already sufficient.



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