RE: hiding gnome-panel using bonobo

On Tue, 2005-29-03 at 11:47 +0530, Manikandan Thangavelu wrote:
> Thanks for your answer. KDE has got DCOP for interprocess communication and there is a method called Hide provided for the panel there which we can call to hide the panel. Is any similar mechanism available for gnome-panel?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Manikandan T

The Gnome equivalent of DCOP (and hopefully someday KDE too) is a
freedesktop standard called DBus, which is heavily based on DCOP. As for
your actual questions, I'm not sure if gnome-panel exports a DBus
service, probably not since its overdue for an overhaul someday.

Can you tell us why you want to hide the panel? Maybe there's another


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