RE: Widget for displaying filesystem contents

On 9/6/05, Foster Gareth <gareth foster siemens com> wrote:
> Somebody over on the gtkmm list was after a widget to display directory
> trees, did you write the code in such a way that this part of your program
> could become some sort of standalone widget?

Not properly... but maybe it can be modified in such a way.
Anyway, I have plans to extend Baobab functionalities (i.e. graphical
treemaps, fast multimedia search, etc..) that will push it more
towards a stand-alone application, as it is now.

Thought I'd enquire and pass this on, you may be able to pilfer the code and
create a pucker GObject style directory tree widget from that, then add a
C++ wrapper. Sounds like a lot of work, but I'm sure "The Saltydog
[thesaltydog gmail com]" would tell you that it was a lot of work to write
his directory tree display code. Food for thought I'm sure.

Here is his original post to the gnome-devel:

This is to request verification of my application Baobab for a
possible inclusion in gnome "extra".

Baobab is a C/Gtk+ directory-tree analyser. Information, source and
package download is on my web site:

Cheers all,


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Foster Gareth 
> Sent: 05 September 2005 11:18
> To: gtkmm-list gnome org
> Subject: RE: Widget for displaying filesystem contents
> >     Best bet is to look at /directory_iterator/ from 
> Boost::Filesystem
> > library ( 
> ) which,
> > like gtkmm, has very good documentation!
> > 
> Might also want to use Gnome::vfs - boost filesystem was 
> great to use when I tried it though.
> Another possibility might be to pilfer code from nautilus, it 
> would be C code though, and who knows if the GUI 
> functionality you are after would be easy to separate from 
> the bulk of the nautilus code. Could do with a 
> libnautilusfilesystemview or something I suppose.
> Gaz

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