Suggestion for 2.14

Thank you for the excellent work on 2.12.  I have been playing with betas on
Ubuntu builds for a while and it is great.  

These suggestions for 2.14 were all raised on the OS News feedback forums by
myself and others today:

1. Continued work on memory reduction; 

2. Make more use of Cairo in themes and display rendering; 

3. A block-select tool in GEdit; 

4. Major improvements to the spam filter in Evolution to make it as
efficient as Thunderbird's; 

5. A DTP application for GNOME Office; 

6. A Beagle clone (non-Mono) integrated tightly into the desktop. 

7. Enhancements to SMEG, to edit Places and Desktop menus as well. 

8. Support for posix ACLs;

9 Fix windows focus so that you can drag files into the active Nautilus
window whitout the location of the file being activated instead. 

10. Fix .hidden so that it works in file dialogs as well as in Nautilus
windows and use it to hide /etc, /proc, /lib, /bin, /sbin, /root, /dev,
/boot, /usr, /sys,
and other directories that a non sysadmin never or seldom need to visit.
(they should still be able to see these directories by doing "show hidden

11. A new logo for GNOME (possibly as part of the 10*10 marketing campaign).

12. Stabilisation of Anjuta 2.

Hope this helps you understand what people want to see in the upcoming

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