Re: Suggestion for 2.14

David LeSage wrote:

6. A Beagle clone (non-Mono) integrated tightly into the desktop.

Whilst a clone can easily be built in C (now that there is a C port of Lucene which is Beagle's indexing engine) I however dont think the lucene way is all that great or efficient with regard to metadata which is why I'm working on something that's different but more powerful than Beagle/Lucene.

In particular my Tracker project is more like KAT and Medusa than Beagle as it is designed mainly for the needs of a file manager and will do things like thumbnailing, full text indexing and metadata harvesting on the fly. Integration with Nautilus will make it easy to do things like virtual folders (like OS/X and Vista can do) and if we index emails and conversations as well then we can make them first class objects via a gnome-vfs driver so that they all appear as virtual files in Nautilus.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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