Re: Should I use gtk-perl or gtk & c for gnome apps ?

 2005/9/9, Rod Butcher <rbutcher hyenainternet com>:
> >
> > I'm  looking to develop some gtk-based sysadmin apps, and I'm not sure
> > whether to use glade & c or perl-gtk.

The issue between C or gtk-perl is mostly related to fast graphics (I
mean animation) or long recursive disk routines. For sysadmin you
maybe don't need those.
I have developed a sysadmin program (Boot-Up Manager) in gtk-perl
because of this. When I moved to my new application (Baobab, an
hard-disk scanning directories program) I switched to C.
You must also take into consideration that with gtk-perl your
application will be portable on all architectures.


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