Re: gnome-devel-list Digest, Vol 32, Issue 5

2006-12-29 klockan 01:04 skrev Peter Dolding:
Its simple to prevent problem then to have to remove it latter. Lot of python programs used with gnome have rendering problems. That has to be addressed. Put a window over its window take it away no refresh. This is not good for user interface at all. Two ways to address the problem Number one remove python. Number two fix it correctly. One is simpler.

This definitly sounds like an application bug. I've never experienced the
behaviour you are describing.
It is a application bug. Common to Fedora and Redhat Applications built using Gnome or Gtk and Python.

Problem is simple if there is no redraw function everything continual along normally. So coders get lazy and don't provide it. Producing nasty looking applications. Single threaded is simple than multi threaded. Fix this one is simple.

Make not having a redraw functions as required for application to look good a application stopper or displays message to user to report application as it is defective code so they don't think its normal or provide some form of auto redraw if developer does not provide one.

Even worth considering for C and C++ applications. Most C and C++ coders are currently doing it right.

Best one has been some of the Fedora update programs in GTK and python. Put window over it take it away and have to wait for next status update to see how far along it is. It should just redraw user should not have to wait.

Yes I know this will not exactly be popular forcing good coding. But it is something that needs stomping on or auto redraw code. Because it will only get worse as people recycle code into other projects. Prevention is better than cure. I personally think auto redraw is just to complex. Simpler just to force coders to do the right thing and supply redraw funcitons.

Peter Dolding

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