Gnome and scan UI.


Obviously, xsane is not full HIG and does not fit well in the GNOME environment. I like xsane for its features, especially the ability to crop the picture before scanning. But many end users aren't able to use it correctly for basic task such as scanning photos, converting document to text, import data directly in Gimp, Abiword, OpenOffice or Gedit, etc. Note that xsane code is quite ugly. Xsane is more a gtk app than a Gnome app.

So, I'm wondering what to do to improve this. I think we need a library similar to libgnomeprint to manage scanners, their configurations (which may depend on the backend) and at least one HIG- compliant frontend to scan picture or import text (libgnomescanui ?).

As i'm quite a beginner in Gnome programming, I ask for here for help. Is anyone interrested to discuss such a project ?


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