Re: Gnome and scan UI.

В Пнд, 06/03/2006 в 14:50 +0100, Étienne Bersac пишет:
> Hello,
> Obviously, xsane is not full HIG and does not fit well in the GNOME  
> environment. I like xsane for its features, especially the ability to  
> crop the picture before scanning. But many end users aren't able to  
> use it correctly for basic task such as scanning photos, converting  
> document to text, import data directly in Gimp, Abiword, OpenOffice  
> or Gedit, etc. Note that xsane code is quite ugly. Xsane is more a  
> gtk app than a Gnome app.
> So, I'm wondering what to do to improve this. I think we need a  
> library similar to libgnomeprint to manage scanners, their  
> configurations (which may depend on the backend) and at least one HIG- 
> compliant frontend to scan picture or import text (libgnomescanui ?).
> As i'm quite a beginner in Gnome programming, I ask for here for  
> help. Is anyone interrested to discuss such a project ?
> Regards.

Hi Etienne

Obviously it's very interesting to have scanning nice GNOME scanning
application and library. To say about design it's probably better to
have an app then a library since I don't see much reusable points in
scan functionality. Of course, application can be modular enough and
contain internal libraries. It's just interesting to know, is it
possible to do the changes in xsane itself or at least reuse some xsane
code? Of course, you might also consider using different language then
C, that will make development much faster.

And, if you have some questions about GNOME programming, feel free to
ask here or on gnome-love list.

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