Re: Programmatically showing the gnome panel logout dialog from external program

Hi Marek,

Marek Habersack wrote:
Hello everybody,

  I've been faced with a problem by a customer of mine where they need their
users to be optionally logged out (with timeout) of GNOME after a certain
program exits. A
normal user session looks like this:

 1. they log in at which time rdesktop is run in full screen session,
    connecting them to a windows terminal service (rdesktop is modified to
    reuse the user's login password, so that they don't have to type it
    twice. Users are authenticated from ActiveDirectory with winbind)

 2. After they finish working with their Windows desktop, they close
    rdesktop and walk away from the computer.

I'd consider not using gnome at all and looking into scripts under /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions

I'd simply prepare new session that you might choose from the GDM menu and that would instead of starting gnome launch vncviewer (with -geometry specified) as its the only program. afer that program exists, X session exists as well.

If you would need window management capabilites, you can probably takse some small wm, there os one nice whose name I forgot but that runs all applications always fullscreen and where switching is done using Fx keys.



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